How NFTs Are Going to Evolve and Change the World

Source: American Consequences
by Kim Iskyan

“Someday soon (even if you’re not reading this from your tri-deck yacht in the Caribbean, and you don’t win the lottery or rob a bank tomorrow) you may be able to buy the painting below. This is ‘Woman in a Red-Orange Beret,’ a 1938 work by Pablo Picasso that was recently sold in a Sotheby’s auction for $40.5 million. Or rather, you might be able to buy part of this masterpiece. As in, say, 1/5,000th of it … with the actual painting kept somewhere safe, with you as the secure blockchain-certified owner of your little slice. Whether as a speculation or an investment or bragging right (your Twitter profile picture, iPhone home screen, or forehead tattoo) there would be a market for your asset, and transferability would be as easy as buying bitcoin.” (11/22/21)