Fifteen Minute Cities: Future of Urban Planning?

Source: In These Times
by staff

“fif*teen min*ute city (noun) 1. An urban planning principle that makes essential services accessible to all city dwellers within 15 minutes … The idea isn’t just for convenience. It’s about equity, livability and climate resilience. Drivers may be able to access jobs, schools, grocery stores and necessities fairly easily in most U.S. cities, but the story is different for those who rely on public transit, those with mobility challenges and those without cars. Regardless, think about how different urban life would be without the commute. According to Carlos Moreno, a Pantheon-Sorbonne University professor closely associated with the 15-minute city concept, it’s about more beautiful, social and environmentally sustainable cities. Every resident, including the carless, should be able to access the essence of that urban experience, Moreno says — including housing, work, food, health, education, culture and leisure.” (11/18/21)