Rittenhouse Verdict: Justice, But Not Joy

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“I hate that police shot Jacob Blake. That’s not a judgment of whether or not the police HAD to shoot him. Whether they had to or not, it wasn’t a good thing. I hate that the protests over the shooting turned into a riot. The violence and destruction didn’t cause Jacob Blake to magically become un-shot nor did it make his shooting any more, or any less, justifiable. I hate that a 17-year-old made the unwise decision to show up to a riot. I’m glad he survived the experience, and hope he learned something from it, but all in all I’d rather have never heard his name. … The ‘not guilty’ verdict seems just, but it really just makes the best of a terrible, and at multiple points avoidable, situation.” (11/22/21)