How Much Have Vaccine Mandates Contributed to the Great Resignation?

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Liam Cosgrove

“To what degree have vaccine mandates have played a role in the massive voluntary exodus from the workforce? It is not possible to know with certainty. Still, any true journalist would at least entertain the possibility that the two are correlated. Finding such a journalist proved to be a difficult task: ABC, CNN, CBS, Washington Post, Reuters, CNBC, The Atlantic, WSJ, NYT, The Hill, Business Insider, Fortune, FT, Vox, Market Watch, and even right-wing publishers like NY Post and Fox Business have all covered the mass resignations without so much as a mention of vaccine mandates. The WaPo, citing a single anecdote, went so far as to suggest that unvaccinated workers are causing others to quit by making them feel unsafe …. let’s discuss the awfully interesting correlations between the announcements of vaccine mandates and ‘The Great Resignation’ …” (11/22/21)