Don’t Be That Guy This Thanksgiving

Source: The American Conservative
by Peter Van Buren

“America is facing a crisis. Families are going to have Thanksgiving together this year. Nobody wants to admit that ‘we may die of Covid’ was a better excuse for not getting together last year than ‘I’m stuck in O’Hare.’ Nobody wants to admit that chicken tenders from the microwave and a Friends marathon was actually more fun and way less stressful than cooking a mutant breasted 27 pound bird for 12 hours only to find that it was still a little under done. Even the worst Friends episodes were better than Grandpa Mark’s retelling of the War of 1812 or whatever he was talking about after four Amarettos. … this year, because of the Thanksgiving Mandate, it could get ugly. This year it’s family of origin, not family of choice. Here are some survival tips.” (11/22/21)