Realism — and restraint — should guide US dealings with Nicaragua’s Ortega

Source: Responsible Statecraft
by Ted Galen Carpenter

“To the surprise of absolutely no one, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega handily won his country’s November 7 presidential election. Ortega and his minions had systematically undermined and harassed his political opposition and crushed dissent for years; the outcome of the Potemkin electoral exercise, therefore, was a foregone conclusion. A White House statement justifiably denounced the proceedings as a farce. … However, the Biden administration did not merely skewer the blatantly autocratic behavior of Ortega’s government. Washington responded just days after the balloting by imposing a new round of sanctions on Nicaragua’s leaders and pressing other U.S. allies to do the same. It is the same coercive strategy that the United States is pursuing toward Venezuela and has pursued toward Cuba for six decades.” (11/22/21)