Joe Biden Said He Was Against Endless Wars: But His Defense Secretary Is for Endless Entanglement

by Doug Bandow

“Can’t America ever walk away? Like an abused spouse, Washington keeps returning to the Middle East and prostrating itself before vicious dictatorships, antediluvian monarchies, sectarian oppressors, lazy looters, and selfish aggressors. Washington’s latest kowtow to all came from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin when he spoke on Saturday before the Manama Dialogue, a security conference in Bahrain. … After warmly addressing Bahrain’s King Hamad and Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, Austin promised to sacrifice American lives and resources on their behalf. After all, that’s what Americans do in the Middle East. No need for the region’s governments to do anything on their own behalf or improve their human rights records. Washington has their back, no payment required!” (11/22/21)