The Enemy of My Enemy

Source: Quillette
by Robert Tracinski

“During a recent conference of nationalist conservatives — a faction attempting to bring intellectual substance and coherence to the political phenomenon of Trumpism — one of the movement’s leading figures, Yoram Hazony, proposed ‘a new deal between national conservatives and traditionalists on the one hand, and anti-Marxist liberals on the other.’ This new coalition is intended to replace the American Right’s ‘fusionist’ alliance between religious conservatives, free-marketers, and Cold War hawks, who were once drawn together by their shared antipathy to communism. Nationalists now regard fusionism with disdain, and by proposing an alliance with the center-Left, Hazony and his faction hope to downgrade the free-marketers and freeze out the secular libertarians. This new alliance is a terrible idea, and liberals would be well-advised to treat Hazony’s offer with a whole lot of skepticism. Yet it seems that some of them are taking him up on it.” (11/21/21)