A Fantasy of Virus-Free Air

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Steve Templeton

“More than twenty months into the pandemic, it’s clear that many mandated mitigation strategies do not significantly prevent virus transmission, or do so at a steep price. Lockdowns haven’t stopped virus spread around the world, and are not sustainable due to massive collateral damage. There is no consistent evidence of a benefit of universal masking, despite unprecedented politicization and potential for bias in scientific studies. School closures and remote learning are harmful and ineffective, as children remain at low risk for severe disease and schools are not major drivers of community outbreaks. Vaccines may limit severe disease, which is important for vulnerable individuals, but are less effective at preventing infection and transmission than immunity acquired by infection. … However, amidst these failures, one effective COVID-19 mitigation strategy stands out—improving indoor ventilation.” (11/19/21)