Democrats and the media are about to suffer a huge loss

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“Today’s truly hard news: President Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy. I believe we have exclusive tape of the procedure. Thank God they found nothing bad in his colon. Well, except for his head. It was a tough procedure for the doctors, they didn’t know which end to work on. So they brought in a veterinarian — they needed someone experienced with the horse’s ass. Of course, that meant during the procedure, Kamala Harris was in charge. Yeah, she was just a polyp away from the presidency. In other news, the Dems and the media are enraged. I know. Surprise! So what set them off? Was it rising crime? Broken supply chain? Joe pooping in the sink? No, something even more serious. A Republican posted a meme. Yes, a meme. Quick let’s convene a crooked panel made up of left-wing psychos to condemn it.” (11/19/21)