US House Delays Vote on $1.9 Spending Spree

Source: Newser

“The House has delayed a vote on President Biden’s spending bill until Friday. The move comes after House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy delayed proceedings with a four-hour speech against Democrats on the House floor, CNN reports. ‘He wants to do it in the dead of night. We are going to do it in the day,’ Majority Leader Steny Hoyer tells the network, noting Democrats have the votes to pass the bill and that lawmakers will return to the chamber at 8am Friday. … After receiving cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, House Democrats headed toward a vote Thursday night on President Biden’s social spending and climate package. The nonpartisan agency put a price tag on the bill late in the day, saying it would increase the federal deficit roughly $160 billion over the next 10 years, the New York Times reports.”” (11/19/21)