Why Britney’s freedom matters

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“The ending of the staggeringly excessive conservatorship over Britney’s affairs has been widely celebrated. Not least by the viral FreeBritney movement of fans and TikTokers who’ve spent the past year agitating for the liberation of Britney from court orders, psych evaluations and her own dad, Jamie Spears, who oversaw the conservatorship. And yet it feels as though some people haven’t clocked just how radical Britney’s liberation is. How much it threatens to disrupt the mental-health narratives and millennial neediness that sadly define our times. Britney’s freedom may well prove to be a blow not only to her father and other actors in this sordid drama who allegedly profited from the court-ordered subjugation of Spears, but also to a culture that ceaselessly encourages us to confess to our mental frailties and instructs us to prefer psychological comfort over the messy, risky business of freedom.” (11/19/21)