FL: GOP legislature votes to suppress private freedom of association under cover of limiting government vaccine mandates

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“Florida Republicans approved a sweeping bill Wednesday to hobble coronavirus vaccine mandates in businesses, rejecting claims that they were sacrificing public health to hand Gov. Ron DeSantis a win in his fight against White House virus rules. Lawmakers in the GOP-controlled statehouse expedited the measure, along with a package of virus bills, after hours of debate in which Republicans maintained they were protecting workers from onerous mandates by the federal government. ‘If you want to get a vaccine, you can get a vaccine. If you don’t want to get a vaccine, you can choose not to get a vaccine,’ said Sen. Danny Burgess, a Republican. ‘That’s the entire purpose of this bill, trusting Floridians and allowing us to make that choice for ourselves [but not the choice of whom to employ or do business with].'” (11/18/21)