The White House is repulsed by regular Americans

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So what have we learned so far in this dying administration? That when it comes to villains, it’s America first, baby. This White House is as repulsed by regular Americans as Brian Stelter is by fruit. As President Biden is greeted as a dear old pal by China’s dictator, we learn that the FBI created a ‘threat tag’ for parents. (A ‘threat tag’ sounds like something El Chapo would tie to one of his dead rival’s toes). This over alleged menacing statements made against teachers and administrators, according to a Justice Department internal memo. Those damn internal memos! The next internal memo should say ‘stop using internal memos.’ … the email is alleged proof that federal counter-terrorism was being deployed against parents. To go after moms and dads the way Andrew Cuomo chases down female staffers. They suggested using the tag ‘EDUOFFICALS’ to track related threats.” (11/18/21)