Was Frederick Hayek a Bernie Sanders Socialist?

Source: Common Dreams
by Les Leopold

“Of course not! Friedrich Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom (1944) is the political bible of the American right precisely because it slams socialism in all its forms, claiming it will always lead to totalitarianism. Hayek’s best-selling book provides the justification for the incessant conservative attack on government programs and the incessant claim that less government leads to more individual freedom. Prosperity for all, too. Free markets preserve and enhance democracy, the right claims, while government social programs lead to dictatorial collectivism. … But conservatives like Reagan obviously had not read Hayek or they would have noticed that their hero wrote many passages they would call ‘socialistic.’ Each and every one of the Hayek passages below would be considered anathema to today’s Republican Party, their think tanks, and their ‘news’ empires, as well as to a goodly number of corporate Democrats.” (11/18/21)