Think Tank Funded by the Weapons Industry Pressures Biden Not To Regulate Military Contractors’ Emissions

Source: In These Times
by Sarah Lazare

“The Heritage Foundation, a prominent conservative think tank, is publicly opposing a new Biden administration regulation that would force the weapons industry to report its greenhouse gas emissions related to federal contracts. It turns out the Heritage Foundation also receives significant funding from the weapons industry, which makes the case worth examining  –  because it reveals how the arms industry pays supposedly respectable institutions to do its policy bidding at the expense of a planet careening toward large-scale climate disaster. The regulation in question was first proposed in an executive order in May. It would require federal contractors to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and their ‘climate-related financial risk,’ and to set ‘science-based reduction targets.’ In other words, companies like Lockheed Martin would have to disclose how much carbon pollution its F‑35 aircraft and cluster bombs actually cause.” (11/17/21)