ME: US District Court Strikes Down Two Ballot Access Laws Relating to Minor Parties

Source: Ballot Access News

“On November 17, U.S. District Court Judge Lance E. Walker, a Trump appointee, struck down two Maine ballot access laws that relate to new and minor parties. Baines v Bellows, 1:19cv-509. This is a Libertarian Party case filed in 2019, after the party lost its qualified status in Maine. The 41-page decision strikes down the rules for a candidate to get on the primary ballot of a small qualified party. … anyone seeking a place on a Maine primary ballot for statewide office needs 2,000 signatures of party members, and only party members may sign. It is obviously far easier for a Democrat or a Republican to find 2,000 party members to sign a primary petition, than a party that only has a few thousand registered members. The other law that was struck down is termed the ‘purge.’ When a party goes off the ballot, all its registrants are automatically converted to independent status, without even telling them.” (11/17/21)