Records: WE Charity misled donors about building schools in Kenya

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [Canadian state media]

“Years after Rukshan de Silva and his high school classmates in Oakville, Ont., raised money for WE to build a one-room schoolhouse in Kenya, he travelled there to see the fruits of their labour. What he didn’t know during his 2013 visit was that four small blue letters displayed prominently above the schoolhouse doorway were a clue that he and the students from Iroquois Ridge High School had been deceived. In fact, the letters were a dedication to another group which, online records show, indicated that they, too, had fully funded the schoolhouse. WE Charity, then known as Free the Children, had collected donations to build two schools. Instead, they built one and told both donors they had paid for it. … a months-long Fifth Estate investigation into WE Charity’s Kenyan operations reveals that far fewer schools were built than were funded by donors, a fact that leaked internal WE documents show was co-ordinated at the highest levels of the organization.” (11/18/21)