The Pentagon and the Washington Post: Cold War Brothers-in-Arms

Source: CounterPunch
by Melvin Goodman

Caveat Emptor. There is no better way to exaggerate perceptions of the threat than to rely on the worst-case assumptions of the Department of Defense. Since the creation of the department in the National Security Act of 1947 we have been inundated with the Pentagon’s distortions: the non-existent ‘bomber gap’ in the 1950s; the ‘missile gap’ in the 1960s; and the so-called ‘intentions gap’ of the 1980s …. The mainstream media should be well aware of the dangers of relying on military briefings and assessments when editorializing about the capabilities and intentions of putative adversaries such as Russia and China. But the Washington Post, which has been beating the editorial drums for challenging Beijing, is currently using the Pentagon’s latest report to the Congress on China’s military strength to promote increased U.S. defense spending and additional military deployments in East Asia.” (11/18/21)