What Rhymes With Breyer? Retire!

Source: The Atlantic
by Jennifer Senior

Two years ago, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a dean at the Yale School of Management and the author of The Hero’s Farewell, memorably told me that when CEOs manage to retire in a timely fashion, it’s frequently because they have a negative role model in mind, an uneasy memory of some muckety-muck who grossly overstayed his or her welcome. So why on earth hasn’t Ruth Bader Ginsburg served as a cautionary tale? Only [Stephen] Breyer can say, of course. For all we know, she has served such a role, and he simply hasn’t yet announced his plans to retire by the end of June, when the Court typically goes into recess. (My money is on this option, actually—that he’ll say something in January.) But part of me, I’ll confess, understands why retirement has recently become such a vexed subject for Supreme Court justices. It places the onus on them.” (11/18/21)