The Presidential Race — 2024

Source: Dispatches from Heck
by Frank Clarke

“I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I am a Libertarian. In fact, I am a radical Rothbardian Libertarian. Given that, I now propose a radical suggestion for winning the 2024 Presidential race. For the Republicans. Donald Trump cannot do for the GOP what he did in 2016. He is ‘old news.’ If he runs for President, although he has an elevated chance of winning, he has no chance of doing good things for the Republican Party as a whole. But there is a slate that would radically transform the political landscape forever, and in a positive way. If Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida can be cajoled into abandoning Florida for national office, he could not possibly choose a better running mate than Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).” (11/17/21)