New Harvard Study: Homeschoolers Turn Out Happy, Well-Adjusted, and Engaged

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Kerry McDonald

“Researchers at Harvard University just released findings from their new study showing positive outcomes for homeschooled students. Writing in The Wall Street Journal last week, Brendan Case and Ying Chen of the Harvard Human Flourishing Program concluded that public school students ‘were less forgiving and less apt to volunteer or attend religious services than their home-schooled peers.’ The scholars analyzed data of over 12,000 children of nurses who participated in surveys between 1999 and 2010 and found that homeschooled children were about one-third more likely to engage in volunteerism and have higher levels of forgiveness in early adulthood than those children who attended public schools. Homeschooled children were also more likely to attend religious services in adulthood than children educated in public schools, which the researchers noted is correlated with ‘lower risks of alcohol and drug abuse, depression and suicide.'” (11/17/21)