Why Doesn’t the CIA Just Destroy Its Secret JFK Records?

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“With President Biden’s order granting the CIA’s request for continued secrecy of its 60-year-old records retailing to the JFK assassination — on grounds of protecting ‘national security’ — the question naturally arises: Why doesn’t the the CIA simply sneak into the National Archives and just destroy its records and be done with it? By now, it should be obvious to everyone, including the CIA’s assets in the mainstream press, that the CIA’s remaining secret records contain incriminating evidence pointing toward a national-security state regime-change operation against President Kennedy, just as Oliver Stone posited in his movie JFK in 1991. The notion that the release of 60-year-old records will endanger ‘national security,’ no matter what definition is placed on that meaningless, nebulous term, is patently ludicrous on its face.” (11/17/21)