Scientists [sic] Warn Experimental Nuclear Plant Backed by Bill Gates Is “Outright Dangerous”

Source: Common Dreams

“Officials announced Tuesday that the small city of Kemmerer, Wyoming would be the site of a new Bill Gates-backed nuclear power project, an initiative whose proponents say would provide climate-friendly and affordable energy but which some scientists warn is a dangerous diversion from true energy solutions. The experimental Natrium nuclear power plant will be at the site of the coal-fired Naughton Power Plant, slated for retirement in 2025, though siting issues are not yet finalized. The company behind the project is TerraPower. Gates, who helped found TerraPower, is chairman of the board. ‘Mr. Gates,’ nuclear expert [sic] Arnie Gundersen wrote in an open letter in August, Natrium ‘is following in the footsteps of a 70-year-long record of sodium-cooled nuclear technological failures.’ … In October, the project received an $80 million U.S. Department of Energy grant.” (11/17/21)