Bitcoin’s Next “Face Melting” Rally Is Upon Us

Source: American Consequences
by Eric Wade

“Nearly every crypto trader can share stories of both success and misery. The tales of success are always great to hear, of course. It’s nice to find out when folks make life-changing gains with just a small allocation of their overall portfolios. But the thing is, I believe we can learn the most from the tales of misery. After all, to become better at anything in life (including investing) we must learn from mistakes, whether they’re our own or those made by others. … As the market adjusts to a new, more constricted supply, the price of bitcoin tends to rise. And I believe that’s what we’re witnessing right now… We’re in the midst of the next major repricing. If past trends hold, we could be looking at bitcoin prices of $100,000 or more within a year or two.” (11/17/21)