Is the Constitution Broken beyond Repair?

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by David Gordon

Review of The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Refounding of America, by Noah Feldman: “In essence, Feldman’s argument is this: from its inception, the US Constitution was morally flawed, as it rested on accepting slavery. Without this acquiescence, the states where slavery played a prominent role would not have entered the union. In his early political career, Lincoln endorsed this malign arrangement, disclaiming any attempt to interfere with slavery in the states where it existed. Why did he do so, given his personal opposition to slavery? The answer lies in his wholehearted commitment to union; though slavery was morally wrong, it had to be tolerated because otherwise the Union would dissolve. In taking this position, Lincoln followed his political mentor, Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, and he shared also Clay’s wish to resettle American blacks outside the United States.” (11/17/21)