Why Mastercard’s New Porn Rules Should Scare Everyone

Source: The Daily Beast
by Cherie DeVille

“Since OnlyFans reversed its decision to ban adult content, the public has quieted about where they can watch porn. But here in Porn Valley, where we live and die by tech giants’ content restrictions, we remain very concerned. Last month, Mastercard announced new rules for performers, production companies, and distributors. If Mastercard finds a party violated the terms, it could stop processing payments. Since Mastercard is one of two credit card giants, they will decide what porn Americans buy. On the surface, the rules sound great. Mastercard requires companies to verify performs’ ages. Who doesn’t want that? But they have previously banned pornographers for selling legal content they considered inappropriate, and the new rules are vague. Adult professionals are unsure how to follow them, and many are concerned about potential privacy violations. Most of all, we’re worried about the precedent these rules set for the general public.” (11/17/21)