We Can’t Keep Going Like This

Source: Quillette
by R James Carter

In response to the recent Texas legislation, a two-year-old PSA re-surfaced featuring a lineup of popular actors who have yet to find disfavor in the public eye for whichever backroom allowances their fame has so far leveraged. The spot is typical: impassioned pleas, heartstring music, actors delivering cliched phrases in turns, all cast in black-and-white and looking directly down the camera lens. … I don’t know who is at fault for our national failure to grasp this irony — the professional performers contractually obliged toward sincerity, or those of us who have paid them so religiously for it. More mysterious still is the question of target audience: Who is this for? No-one was swayed by this message; at least, I can’t imagine anyone having withheld their opinions on the matter, waiting for their favorite celebrity to pitch in.” (11/16/21)