Rubio tries to make voters remember he exists by blocking ambassadorial nominations

Source: The Hill

“Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said on Tuesday that he will slow-walk President Biden’s nominees to be the U.S. ambassadors to China and Spain, the latest roadblock from Senate Republicans for State Department picks. Rubio said that he had placed holds on Nicholas Burns’s nomination to be ambassador to China and Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon’s nomination for ambassador to Spain. Rubio, in a statement, said that he believed Burns — who previously worked in the State Department during the George W. Bush and Clinton administrations — had a career ‘defined by the failure to understand the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party.’ Rubio called Reynoso a ‘sympathizer and apologist’ for the Castro government in Cuba and ‘has absolutely no business being in our government.'” (11/16/21)