How long will Newsom govern by decree?

Source: Orange County Register
by Dan Walters

“Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom extended two of his pandemic decrees until March 31, indicating that he has no present intention of withdrawing the emergency declaration he issued 20 months ago. It calls to mind David’s plaintive question in Psalm 13, ‘How long, O Lord?’ Under that emergency declaration, Newsom has suspended or altered more than 400 laws and regulations and, in effect, issued dozens of his own laws without going through the legislative process. While many are relatively mundane, some have had profound impacts, particularly mandatory shutdowns of countless small businesses and vaccination and mask-wearing orders. … Public health officials have concluded that COVID-19 may never be fully or even almost fully eradicated …. Given that scientific consensus, Newsom could continue his March 4, 2020, emergency declaration indefinitely and thus continue to govern by decree, further eroding the American concept of checks and balances via three equal branches of government.” (11/16/21)