Kamala Harris Was Unpopular Before She Became Vice President. Nothing Seems To Have Changed.

Source: Reason
by Eric Boehm

“Given the results of this month’s elections in Virginia and elsewhere, coupled with ongoing economic inflation and polls showing Republicans gaining a huge lead in the early phases of next year’s midterms, Democrats’ fuses are understandably growing short. Like a baseball team mired in a losing streak, the White House needs someone to blame for the recent run of misfortune and the finger-pointing in the clubhouse is now spilling into the media. [Kamala] Harris'[s] biggest problem, however, isn’t that some anonymous staffers in the White House are snarking about her to reporters. It’s that polls show the vice president to be deeply unpopular with voters — even less popular than Biden, whose approval numbers have been underwater since August. … Her flame-out during the presidential primaries suggests that she was never all that popular with Democrats to begin with.” (11/16/21)