Kyle Rittenhouse Is No Hero

Source: The Atlantic
by David French

“The law allows even a foolish man to defend himself, even if his own foolishness put him in harm’s way. And so although the combination of video and testimonial evidence shows a confused and isolated 17-year-old carrying an adult weapon in a dangerous place, it also shows that he was chased by his first victim and attacked with a skateboard by his second victim, and that he shot and wounded his third victim when he pulled out his own handgun. Rittenhouse has presented a considerable amount of evidence that he was not a hunter, but instead felt himself hunted, and fired solely on men who he believed presented a direct threat. … But that brings us to the danger of Kyle Rittenhouse as a folk hero. It is one thing to argue that the law is on Rittenhouse’s side — and there is abundant evidence supporting his defense — but it is quite another to hail him as a model for civic resistance.” (11/16/21)