Tony Romo under fire for Aaron Rodgers comments during Packers-Seahawks broadcast

Source: Fox News

“Tony Romo was criticized on social media Sunday after seemingly defending Aaron Rodgers over the fallout from his vaccine status during CBS’[s] broadcast of the Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks game. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback applauded Rodgers for taking ‘responsibility’ over ‘misleading’ fans about his vaccine status when he told reporters in August that he had been ‘immunized’ against COVID-19. ‘I’m glad he did that. I’m glad he took responsibility for that,’ Romo said, via ‘I’m glad that he said that he misled people …” [editor’s note: Unless “immunized” now means “vaccinated” (even though the shot does not provide “immunity”), Rodgers did not lie, though he did leave some questions open for a diligent reporter to ask – SAT] (11/16/21)