Media got what they wanted and pretend you deserve it

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“Thanks to the supply chain crisis, there’s been a shortage of everything but idiots. Yep: for some reason the chain that supplies lying morons is flowing more smoothly than the flatulence out of Biden’s butt. That’s one area where Biden’s excelled at ‘job creation.’ Fact is the media is impervious to any of the challenges and struggles regular Americans face. Largely because those in the media make a lot of money and they’re stupid. For some reason those things go together like dating apps and STDs. Also, unlike the media, regular Americans get fired for waving their weenies in the workplace. At least, that’s how I got fired from Burger King. But it’s that combination of wealth-caused arrogance and stupidity that results in all kinds of laughable analysis — the kind that would give the best ‘ALF’ episode a run for its money.” (11/16/21)