This is not how you should tackle anti-vax sentiment

Source: spiked
by Tim Black

“The Austrian government has come up with a novel solution to the fairly low Covid vaccine uptake among its citizens. No, not vaccine passports. It’s worse than that. As of today, Austria has locked down the unvaccinated. … It is effectively going to force people into vaccination centres on pain of losing their most basic freedoms. To catch these unvaccinated trespassers, the police are going to be stopping people at random and demanding to see proof of vaccination. Those unable to produce any will be fined €500. The problems with Austria’s approach are manifold. For a start, it is wilfully divisive. Overnight the unvaccinated have been turned into pariahs, people to be purged from public space. But more importantly, perhaps, it doesn’t really tackle the resistance towards vaccination that exists among a significant section of Austrian society.” (11/15/21)