The World Is Not Right

Source: Cafe Hayek
by Don Boudreaux

“Over the past six days I’ve taken four direct domestic flights on American Airlines. The first was last Wednesday morning from Washington’s Reagan National Airport to Greenville-Spartanburg in South Carolina. Well, it was supposed to be a morning flight. The flight wound up being delayed …. Flying back to Washington on Friday morning brought another delay …. On Saturday morning I flew without delay from Reagan-National to Hartford …. Alas, my return flight on Sunday morning was delayed for about two hours leaving Hartford. The incoming flight was delayed. When it finally arrived, I overheard this walkie-talkie conversation between the gate agent and a member of the ground crew. Gate agent: ‘Flight XYZ just landed and needs to be brought into gate 25. Can you get some people over here to do that?’ Ground crew: ‘Not now. We’re busy. There’s only four of us working today.'” (11/16/21)