Year-End Fundraiser Update: 70% and Counting

Thanks to subscribing contributors MM, WSS3, and ES, whose monthly payments totaling $20 yesterday bring our year-end fundraiser total to $1,823!

We’re past the 70% mark, folks. Once we’ve raised $2,575, supporter GL will MATCH it to get us to our goal of $5,150. Will you help us “light” the match?

We have until December 31 to get where we’re going, but I’m hoping to wrap this thing up by the US Thanksgiving holiday. The earlier we cross the finish line the earlier I can stop talking to you about money everyday, and I’d be as thankful for that as most of you likely would!

So, again, “our operators are standing by” at:

Have a great day, and thanks for all you do!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
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