Weaponized Justice Department’s double standard: One rule of law for Dems, another for GOP

Source: Fox News Forum
by Jason Chaffetz

“Though five years have passed since Hillary Clinton’s State Department IT aide brazenly defied two congressional subpoenas to testify before the House Oversight Committee, which I chaired, Bryan Pagliano has still never been prosecuted. But in an unprecedented show of alacrity, the Department of Justice (DOJ) last week somehow managed to indict former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for the same charge in record time. It turns out, congressional subpoenas can be enforced, but only if you play for the right team. Last week’s hasty indictment marks a dramatic shift in Justice Department subpoena enforcement. After allowing the Obama-Biden administration to run roughshod over congressional subpoena authority for years, everything has changed now that the Trump administration is in the crosshairs.” (11/15/21)