How to Democratize Cuba

Source: In These Times
by Samuel Farber

“The demonstrations of July 11 were the first great autonomous and democratic movement of [b]lack and poor Cubans since 1959. The demonstrators did not chant any of the slogans of the U.S.-based Cuban Right. While it is true that the Cuban rap ‘Patria y Vida’ (Life and Fatherland) that inspired many July 11 marchers is not clear about the alternatives it proposed to the social and political system that rules the island, it cannot be said, as some have pretended, that its political content is right-wing. In response to the July 11 demonstrations, the Cuban government decided to prosecute the great majority of the hundreds of demonstrators arrested on that day. As is its wont, the government has refused to provide the number of arrested demonstrators, the charges against them, and the sentences that were imposed on them.” (11/12/21)