Xi Jinping’s Terrifying New China

Source: The Atlantic
by Michael Schuman

“China today is in the grip of the most concerted government campaign to assert greater control over society in decades, perhaps since the tumultuous days of Mao Zedong. The edict restricting when kids can play video games is just part of a barrage launched by Xi’s administration in recent months across both business regulation and mundane daily life. … Xi’s campaign is in many ways a return to the norm. Meddling with society is in the Chinese Communist Party’s DNA, and it has been itching to remake China. Marxism, after all, is about destroying a corrupt, unjust world and replacing it with a utopia of egalitarian camaraderie. … It’s easy to discount the CCP’s Marxist pronouncements as a necessary but rhetorical cover for the country’s raging capitalism, but Xi regularly reminds the nation that it is socialist, and praises the successes of China’s version of the ideology.” (11/15/21)