The Student Debt Racket

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Craig Cantoni

“American universities pride themselves on instilling communitarian values in students and enlightening them about social justice, diversity, and inclusion. It’s debatable whether their particular take on these important subjects has brought benefits or harm to society. It’s not debatable, however, that they have practiced the opposite of what they teach. In a nation rife with hypocritical and morally bankrupt institutions and leaders, they and their faculty rank near the top in hypocrisy, greed, and political self-dealing. If you think that’s the ranting of a crackpot or right-wing ideologue, then you haven’t read the nonpartisan and balanced book, The Debt Trap, by Josh Mitchell (Simon & Schuster, 2021). If you were to read it, you’d probably say the same.” (11/15/21)