Does the Biden Administration Want War With Russia?

by Doug Bandow

“While American policymakers continue to extoll the Monroe Doctrine and order other governments to stay out of the Western Hemisphere, the US asserts the right to dominate every other nation on its border. To understand how other states react to Washington’s pretensions, Americans should imagine a geographic reversal. What if the Soviet Union backed a street putsch against the elected, pro-American president of Mexico. Sent officials to Mexico City to press for the appointment of a pro-Soviet president and cabinet. Loaded up the new government with weapons to deter American action. Sought to redirect trade away from America. And invited the new Mexican government to join the Warsaw Pact. US officials would not, shall we say, be happy. … As Defense Priorities’ Mike Sweeney put it: ‘Ukraine in NATO is a policy option for the United States; for Russia, it seems like an existential threat.'” (11/14/21)