OAS assembly condemns Nicaragua’s election as ‘not free’

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“The General Assembly of the Organization of American States voted Friday to condemn Nicaragua’s Nov. 7 presidential vote, saying the elections ‘were not free, fair or transparent, and lack democratic legitimacy.’ Twenty-five countries in the Americas voted in favor of the resolution, while seven (including Mexico) abstained. Only Nicaragua voted against it. Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega won more than 75% of the votes in Sunday’s election, but the outcome was never in doubt after his government jailed seven of the leading potential opposition candidates. Friday’s resolution instructs the OAS Permanent Council to draw up a report by Nov. 30 in order to weigh ‘appropriate actions’ to be taken. U.S. officials previously called the vote ‘undemocratic’, and the European Union said they ‘lacked legitimacy’. The resolution could open the way to more sanctions on Nicaraguan officials, many of whom are already under U.S. sanctions.” (11/14/21)