Biden calls Belarus-Poland border crisis “of great concern” as migrant situation worsens

Source: Fox News

“President Biden on Friday said the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland is ‘of great concern’ — as a growing number of migrants is leading to increased tensions in the region, and accusations that Belarus and Moscow are manufacturing a crisis. ‘I think it’s of great concern,’ Biden told reporters. ‘We’ve communicated our concern to Russia, we’ve communicated our concern to Belarus. We think it’s a problem.’ Biden spoke amid a rapidly escalating crisis in Europe, where thousands of migrants from the Middle East have gathered at the border between Poland and Belarus. Polish and European Union officials have accused Minsk of funneling migrants to the border to create a crisis in response to sanctions against Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko for his crackdown against dissent and an allegedly stolen 2020 election.” (11/14/21)