“Infuriating” Report Reveals “Breathtaking Cover-Up” of US Airstrike That Killed Syrian Civilians

Source: Common Dreams

“Advocacy groups, human rights defenders, fellow reporters, and other readers of The New York Times were outraged Saturday after journalists Dave Philipps and Eric Schmitt published their investigation into a deadly 2019 U.S. airstrike in Syria and all that followed. … Evan Hill, a journalist on the Times'[s] visual investigations team, said that ‘this is a long, complicated story, but it’s one that touches on nearly every problem with the global U.S. air war. At every attempt, the military tried to cover it up.'” [editor’s note: Is it a coincidence that this story breaks just as the media is covering up a similar airstrike (via drone) that killed innocent Afghans during the current regime? – SAT] (11/14/21)