Specialty sites and corporate hypocrisy: Journalism worth paying attention to

Source: The Hill
by Albert Hunt

“The role of newspapers is to ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.’ Mr. Dooley, the fictional 19th century Chicago bartender who first uttered a version of the phrase, would celebrate Judd Legum, especially the afflicting the comfortable bit. Legum publishes the daily digital newsletter, ‘Popular Information,’ that focuses on corporate accountability. There are a number of major news organizations that do excellent investigative reporting, holding the comfortable accountable. But newsrooms generally have cut staff over the last 20 years — many smaller news orgs have gone out of business entirely, and people now discuss ‘news deserts.’ The transition to digital was not pretty or smooth in the news industry. That created openings for entrepreneurial journalists like Legum to create specialty news or ‘niche’ products that thrive because they inform us.” (11/14/21)