How anti-racism became a religion

Source: spiked
by Tom Slater

“[John McWhorter] calls it ‘woke racism.’ A politics of identity that rehabilitates racial categories in the pursuit of anti-racism, branding black people as permanent victims and white people as their eternal oppressors. … a veritable hobby for its adherents, who must now seek out racism even where it doesn’t exist in order to prove their point. … McWhorter’s core contention is that anti-racism has become a religion, complete with original sin (white privilege), blasphemy (that which is deemed ‘problematic’), and priests (Ibram X Kendi, Robin DiAngelo, Ta-Nehisi Coates). ‘I do not mean that these people’s ideology is ‘like’ a religion. I seek no rhetorical snap in the comparison,’ he writes. ‘I mean that it actually is a religion … Early Christians did not think of themselves as ‘a religion,’ either. They thought of themselves as bearers of truth.’ And so, too, do those McWhorter calls ‘the Elect.’” (11/14/21)