The Corporate Most-Wanted List

Source: The American Prospect
by David Dayen

“The failure of accountability for elite wrongdoing has been a signature catastrophe for America over the past two decades. From the Bush administration’s torture program to the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal to the cacophony of malfeasance in the Trump administration, crime has not been a deterrent to prospering in America. And in the corporate realm, practically nobody (from the bankers who caused the mortgage crash to the engineers who lied about Volkswagen’s environmental capabilities to the airbag makers at Takata to a seemingly limitless number of others) has seen the inside of a prison cell for major violations of law. Federal white-collar prosecutions plunged to a 25-year low in 2020. That’s why it wasn’t that surprising to me that Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s announcement of a new approach to tackling corporate crime attracted relatively little attention among the public.” (11/12/21)