How Buffalo News Helped Keep a Socialist Out of City Hall

Source: Common Dreams
by Ari Paul

“Incumbent Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown’s seemingly quixotic write-in campaign for re-election, launched after losing the Democratic primary to democratic socialist activist India Walton, turned out to be successful. He had a lot of help in his corner, such as unions with whom he had long-standing relationships (WIVB, 9/6/21), Republicans who worried about a left-wing mayor (WGRZ, 8/19/21) and high-ranking New York state Democrats who withheld their endorsement of the nominee (City and State, 10/25/21). Brown, crucially, also had the key support of the hometown paper, the Buffalo News. In its editorial endorsement (10/23/21) of Brown in the general election, the paper propped up Brown’s power of incumbency against Walton, whom the paper called ‘dangerously unqualified’ and the ‘municipal version of electing Donald Trump: expecting great things from an inexperienced and unqualified leader who is sometimes driven by grievances.'” (11/13/21)