“Thank You, Brandon” Is Just Embarrassing

Source: The Atlantic
by Kaitlyn Tiffany

“People who don’t like Joe Biden picked up ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ and immediately ran the joke into the ground. People who do like Joe Biden started fighting it on social media, as if the phrase were the latest and greatest threat to democracy, and social media were the the place where great threats to democracy should be fought. This is political discourse in the Twitter era: A hashtag becomes annoying to a group of people, so they try to repurpose it, or replace it with an artificially juiced hashtag of their own. … #ThankYouBrandon became a trending hashtag in the U.S., though it also prompted a victory lap for the #LetsGoBrandon crowd, which had been presented with yet another opportunity to point out that the left is ‘cringe’ and ‘can’t meme.'” (11/11/21)